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Air and Vapor Barriers

Why air and Vapor Barriers?
First, you save money by controlling air leakage in and out of a building, significantly reducing the cost of heating and cooling. In addition, air and vapor barriers help prevent pollutants from entering the building.

Energy Efficient Construction
Metro Waterproofing has been applying Air and Vapor Barriers for well over 30 years. Most notable is the advancement of Air and Vapor Barriers in building construction and renovations in the past 10 years. Air and Vapor Barriers are recognized in the building industry as an essential part of energy efficient construction and waterproofing, integral to the building envelope.
Our Qualifications
Metro Waterproofing has stayed ahead of technology in an ever changing construction market. We were the first subcontractor in the Southeast to be certified by  Air Barrier Association of America (ABBA). Our investment in the latest technologies, as well as industry awareness, have contributed to increased quality control standards, safety and efficiency in building construction and waterproofing.
Our Experience
When you hire Metro Waterproofing, you can feel confident that our applicators have unequaled experience.  Our staff is trained and certified by ABBA as well as the material manufacturers. There are no rookies here and most applicators have a minimum 5 years experience in energy efficient building techniques.

Metro Waterproofing installed Air and Vapor Barriers help to protect some of the most treasured structures in the Southeast including; the High Museum of Art, The Federal Reserve in Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium, UGA Butts Mehre Heritage Hall - which is home of UGA’s Athletic Association and football team.
Make Metro Waterproofing your choice in Air and Vapor Barrier construction. We maintain a large fleet of construction equipment maintained by our staff of full time service technicians. With an emphasis on preparedness, we are ready to mobilize quickly in response to your construction needs. To find out more, call 404-292-8013.
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