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Waterproofing Services

From new construction... to routine maintenance & leak repairs... to total building restorations, Metro Waterproofing is the single source for all your building waterproofing and restoration needs.
Stadium Waterproofing Specialist

From new stadiums to restoring existing stadiums Metro Waterproofing has worked on multiple stadiums and ball parks in the Southeast ranging from High School stadiums to professional stadiums,

Services include:

  • Traffic Coating Systems
  • Expansion Joint systems
  • Concrete prep and repair
  • Structural repairs
  • Water repellents and penetrating sealers
  • Joint sealant install and replacement
  • Split slab waterproofing systems
  • Leak Repairs 
  • Stadium projects by Metro Waterproofing

  • Georgia Tech Bobby Dodd Stadium
  • University of Georgia Sanford Stadium
  • Georgia Southern University – Urk Russell Stadium
  • University of Alabama Bryant Denny stadium
  • Mississippi state Davis Wade Stadium
  • Appalachian State Kidd Brewer Stadium
  • Auburn University- Jordan Hare Stadium
  • Clemson – Death Valley Memorial Stadium
  • Duke University- Wallace Wade Stadium
  • Arkansas  Razorback
  • Western Kentucky
  • Atlanta Falcons Georgia Dome
  • Atlanta Braves Turner Field
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – EverBank Field
  • Carolina Panthers- Bank of America Stadium
  • Riverdog Stadium-Charleston SC
  • Gwinnett Braves Cool Ray Field
  • Coatings

    Metro Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in waterproofing.Services include:

    • Fluid Applied Roof Coatings
    • Flashing Repairs
    • Leak Repairs
    • Specialty Coatings
    Foundation and Plaza Waterproofing
    Metro Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in waterproofing subgrade walls and slabs. Services include: 
    • Excavation and Waterproofing
    • Foundation and Deck Waterproofing
    • Underslab Waterproofing Systems
    Building Interiors

    Metro Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in waterproofing building interiors. Services include:

    • Firestopping
    • Penetrating Floor Sealers
    • Industrial Floor Coatings
    • Masonry / Concrete Repairs
    • Plaster Repairs
    • Historical Restoration
    Joint Sealants/Caulking and Joint Fillers

    • Exterior Building Joint Sealants for all building materials including Tilt up concrete, Precast, Brick, Masonry of all types, EIFS, stucco, GFRC, Metal panels,
    • Exterior & Interior Curtainwall and storefront sealants
    • Interior Firestop systems at Head of CMU and Drywall, Fire Rated expansion joints and penetrations.
    • Concrete slab fillers and sealants. Metro Waterproofing installs all types of Semi Rigid epoxy and Polyurea floor joint fillers for industrial warehouse slabs. These joint fillers are installed to protect the warehouse slab edges from spalling from the heavy traffic and abuse of hard fork lift wheels.
    • Exterior horizontal concrete sidewalk and pavement joints- Metro Waterproofing installs high performance urethane and silicone joints systems to help protect exterior concrete joints.  


    Parking Decks

    Metro Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in waterproofing parking decks, driveways and lots. Services include:

    • Deck Waterproofing
    • Vehicular Traffic Coatings
    • Expansion Joint Systems
    • Concrete Repairs
    • Water Repellent Coatings
    • Caulking and Sealants
    • Structural Repairs
    • Carbon Fiber Wraps
    • Epoxy Injection 
    Garden Plazas
    Metro Waterproofing has extensive experience with waterproofing under vegetative garden plazas. Since we opened our doors in 1972 we have installed all the components of the "Garden Plaza" structural deck including soil retention cups that cut down on rain water run off and eliminate irrigation. In addition Metro Waterproofing installs the final landscaping including all types of sedum plants. Plus when precast curbs and pacers are specified Metro Waterproofing is prepared.
    Air & Vapor Barriers
    Save money by controlling air leakage in and out of a building, significantly reducing the cost of heating and cooling. In addition, air and vapor barriers help prevent pollutants from entering the building.
    Metro Waterproofing has been applying Air and Vapor barriers for well over 30 years. Most notably however is the importance of Air and Vapor barriers in building construction in the past 10 years. Air and Vapor barriers are recognized in the building industry as an essential part of energy efficient construction and waterproofing.
    Expansion Joints
    We install all major manufacturers expansion joints.  Services include;
    • Architectural Joints
    • Structural Joints
    • Interior floors, walls, and ceilings
    • Fire-rated Joints
    • Parking Deck Joints
    • Oversized
    • Custom (sizes and colors)
    Exterior Restoration
    Metro Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in waterproofing above grade walls, building exteriors and exterior restoration. Services include:
    • Masonry / Concrete Repair
    • Tuckpointing
    • Sandblasting / Pressure Washing
    • Elastometric Coatings
    • Water  Repellant Coatings
    • Caulking and Sealants
    • Stucco / EIFS Repairs
    • Above Grade Wall Membranes
    • Brick Replacement
    • Flashing
    • Coating
    • Roof Repairs
    • Historical Restoration
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